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About Business

We are working as merchandise exporter for a car manufacturer from India. We are working on a pharma project to Afghanistan. We are also working for a petroleum company in Iraq for sourcing.

How Gaerish Can help the buyer?

We shall be able to source  product from India since we have very good relationship all the Manufacturers. We shall be able to get you a very competitive price. We shall be handle the logistics effectively and reduce TAT. Gaerish E -Trade Pvt Limited will be your one stop solution any procurement in India. Team of mixed skilled, experienced and young members enable to understand the dynamics of trade .

How Gaerish Can help the seller/supplier?

Gaerish Shall be able to Identify the buyers for all products across the world. We shall be handle the logistics effectively and reduce TAT. Gaerish  shall be one stop solution to the seller.

Suppliers of auto components to OEM’s by sourcing, procuring, testing, abiding to the customer’s and govt. requirements for export worthiness. We currently source materials from 37 suppliers in India and export the same to our OEM buyer located in Europe.

Gaerish Logistics do the movement of Hazardous goods from various ordinance factory board to abroad.

Suppliers of Pharma products, backed by experience can supply various pharmaceutical products to our buyers in various countries. Currently we are working on Pharmaceuticals products export to Afghanistan buyers.

Gaerish Group is a member of one of the E-Commerce Network (WCA). Gaerish is handling some of Amazon’s cargo from cities like Delhi and Cochin thorough US network partners.